Roundtable Event Organiser and Marketingの仕事









100,000 円 ~ 200,000
グローバルミーティングプランナー 認定ランサー 実績、報酬額、高評価などの条件を満たしたランサーです
Global Event / Meeting Organizer


200,000 円 ~ 300,000 円
Hi there,
I need someone to help me organise two roundtable-style events to be held in June this year. One will be in Tokyo and one in Osaka.

The events will involve 12 guests each (total of 24 guests) and be held over (a free) lunch at a top class restaurant in Tokyo/Osaka for about 2 hours. At the event we will be creating a discussion about digital technology and cloud computing.

Starting from mid-April your responsibilities will be:

1. Help me write an invitation to the event in Japanese (based on my English invitation)
2. Make a list of executives working in Tokyo and Osaka that we will invite to the event and find their contact details (I will help identify the people with you). We want 12 people to participate in each lunch. I will provide more information on the types of companies and roles we want to invite later.
3. Contact the executives and invite them to the event. This will first be by phone and then a follow up by email. I'd expect you will need to contact approximately 50 to 75 people in order to successfully get 24 agree to attend the events.
4. Follow up those who said they will attend the events in the weeks before to re-confirm their participation. This can be done by email or phone. If they drop out, you will need to find a replacement.
5. Follow up by email those who said they will attend the event at the start of the week the event will be held. If they drop out, you will need to try and find a replacement.
6. On the day of the event remind everyone of the details and provide any information to me either by email or phone.
7. Answer any questions that the event participants have in a timely fashion either by email or phone.

You will not be required to attend the event yourself and you don't need to visit anyone in person.

You can do everything by phone and email. We will give you an email account to use.

I will be organising the venue.

I speak Japanese and you do not need to have a very high level of English.

In total, I estimate that it will be around 4 weeks fulltime work. You are free to choose the days that you work as long as we start in mid-April.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you have either in English or Japanese.

Looking forward to working with you and we are likely to have many more opportunities like this in 2018-19.