Translator Interpreter for Sales Department通訳・翻訳


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¥ 20万 〜 30万





  • 週3日稼働
  • エリア:東京都
  • 最寄駅:JR. Hamamatasu-cho station

募集の締切: 2018年5月3日(木) 13:49

Job Description: You will be in charge of internal sales operations of translation / interpretation and related services.

1. Responding to RFQs and inquiries from clients
2. Visit new business partners
3. Retrieve sales of clients with historical transaction records
4. Quotation creation • Order operation
5. Billing business
6. Other related work

● STEP 1 First of all, you will start with learning the flow of work from my senior.
We will learn about industry knowledge, how to create estimates, various kinds of services offered by us.

● STEP 2 Listen to the customer's voice, we will hear what customers are seeking and propose solutions.

● STEP 3 We will build a relationship that allows customers to position them as "partners" instead of "traders".

Work Environment:
International environment rich global environment (enrolled from 6 countries in the company). In our company corresponding to 167 languages, communication with foreign staff in a wide range of countries has become a big appeal.
Also, employees' nationality is various. An international-rich workplace is an optimal environment for those who want to work in a global environment.
Work itself is leading to international contribution.

• Monthly salary more than 240,000.
• (Including anticipated overtime allowance 18 hours / 30,000 yen)
• Over 18 hours will be separately paid.
• Based on consideration of experience, ability, age, etc., it is decided according to our regulations.
• Trial period is 3 months (There is no change in treatment during the period).

Miscellaneous allowances.

• Transportation expenses (maximum 27,000 yen / month)
• Overtime allowance (We do not recommend overtime as our company)
• ( Raising • bonus ) We will judge every 6 months, yearly based on the salary increase / personal achievement and company's performance.
• Performance-linked bonus / maximum 4 times a year.
- In the settlement of accounts every 3 months, 20% of net income is used as a source, and payment is made based on original assessment criteria

Location: 2-1-3 Hamamatsucho Minato-ku, Tokyo .
Working hours: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00

How to Apply - Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:
1. Strong interest in translation industry, translation work, foreign talent
2. Sales experience over 1 year or more, confidence in sales (regardless of industry)
3. Japanese native level.
4. Experienced corporate business
5. People who can sympathize with the feeling of "providing a place of active excellence for excellent foreigners"
6. Business level Japanese skills essential
7. Welcome who can value communication
8. Focus on protecting rules within the team over excellent skills.
9. Inexperienced second Graduate welcome.
契約形態 業務委託
職種 通訳・翻訳
月額報酬 ¥ 20万 〜 30万
源泉徴収 源泉徴収をしない
稼働日数 週3日
契約期間 3ヶ月
エリア 東京都
最寄駅 JR. Hamamatasu-cho station
募集人数 1 人


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